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Eyetellect was formed by members of Eye Response Technologies after it was acquired by DynaVox Inc. in January of 2010. Eye Response Technologies was a leading innovator in the eye tracking industry for over 15 years.  In the early 2000′s, Eye Response Technologies released the Eyegaze Response Interface Computer Aid, also called  ERICA, which was the first tablet based eye tracker on the market.  ERICA was built with the specific goal of allowing people with disabilities to communicate and use a computer.  Along with ERICA, Eye Response Technologies developed the first commercial software geared towards helping researchers make sense of the mountains of data they got from their eye trackers – GazeTracker™.

Since its original release, GazeTracker introduced many market firsts, including scroll compensation for websites, as well as both moving and automatic creation of LookZones.  GazeTracker is also the only analysis software that is not tied to a specific piece of eye tracking hardware, affording our users the ability to choose the best hardware for their specific experiments.  These advantages have lead GazeTracker to be the primary analysis package for hundreds of researchers around the world.

On the hardware side, ERICA was a market leader in the field of augmentative and alternative communication returning the gift of communication to hundreds of users.  ERICA was known specifically for its superior ability to interact with the Windows® environment, giving our users the ability to control every aspect of their computer. Eye Response Technologies’ numerous advances were validated by a variety of software and hardware patents.

At the beginning of 2010 Eye Response Technologies was acquired by a leader in the AAC industry named DynaVox.   DynaVox’s primary interest was to use Eye Response’s industry leading eye tracking and Windows® access technologies to improve their existing offerings.  After the acquisition, members of Eye Response formed Eyetellect to take over support for GazeTracker’s customers and to focus their energies on creating new analytical software that redefines industry expectations, in the same way their previous innovations changed what people with disabilities expected from their communication devices.

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