GazeTracker – Data Export

The real reason you are doing eye tracking experiments or using GazeTracker™ is for the actionable results that GazeTracker generates.  GazeTracker offers a variety of ways to get to the relevant data in easy to work with formats including:

  • Comma Separated Values (csv): This is a standard text based format that can easily be imported into SPSS or the statistical software of your choice.
  • Excel™: GazeTracker can export a variety of data and metrics, ranging from raw data to fixations and core statistics directly into Excel™
  • Automated graphs: appear directly in Excel™ with the push of a button.
  • Built-in statistics: provide 46 key measures of your experiment, including statistics pertaining to pupil diameter, fixation count and duration and LookZone data.
  • Multiple subject analysis: offers a variety of automatic statistical analysis options across many subjects at one time, greatly reducing the effort needed to analyze eye tracking data.


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