GazeTracker – Image Analysis

Are you maximizing the power of your images? GazeTracker™ provides you with completely flexible still image analysis. Select any number of images, in virtually any format, to present in your experiment. Use GazeTracker’s Experiment Wizard to specify image sequencing, duration and transition method. You can also have GazeTracker synchronize external audio recorded throughout the experiment for playback and analysis.

LookZones are a powerful and intuitive tool that included in GazeTracker that offer key statistics about regions of interest on the images you are presenting. The automatically generated statistics include, how long before the participant looked inside of the LookZone how long they spend in the LookZone along with more than 40 other statistics to reduce analysis time. Once you have recorded multiple participants, GazeTracker’s Multiple Subject analysis will save time and effort by generating a number of aggregate reports based on any number of participant recordings you select. With this information you will have actionable results you need.


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