GazeTracker – SceneSync

SceneSync is a core technology in GazeTracker™ that allows you to move your eye tracking research away from the computer. SceneSync synchronizes all of your collected data to outside video feeds. GazeTracker creates a video file and ensures that the timing of this file matches the time stamps of GazeTracker’s other collected data, allowing easy analysis. This technology opens the door to a variety of research modalities that were never available before including:

  • Head mounted eye trackers: Do you want to take your study away from the screen and into the real world? Pair GazeTracker with a head mounted eye tracker to record where someone looks in the real world.
  • Video Game Console: With the millions of dollars invested in video game development, isn’t it important to understand how your customers interact with your product? GazeTracker can synchronize the console output with where the subject looked on the TV and give you the data you need to make the best game possible.
  • IPhones and other hand held systems: Apple has proven that a usable interface can be a very compelling selling point and now customers expect a certain level of usability. SceneSync will allow you to test the usability of an app before you release it.
  • Simulators and real world environments: Simulators often replicate very complex interfaces with multiple areas of interest. SceneSync can synchronize data from a scene camera with the subject’s eye gaze across multiple control panels and other surfaces.


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