GazeTracker – Software Interface Analysis

How user friendly, intuitive and efficient is your software interface? GazeTracker™’s Application Analysis feature collects all the data you need to gauge the performance of your Windows applications. GazeTracker not only records the screen as a video, but it also records each dialog for every application the participant interacts with as an individual slide in GazeTracker, making it much easier to cross analyze the interfaces you’re interested in across multiple participants.

Take advantage of LookZones in GazeTracker to get additional information about specific areas of interest on your application.  GazeTracker makes it easier than ever before by allowing you to draw LookZones directly on the application you are interested in.  Once you have added a LookZone, GazeTracker will make sure they stay where you intended, no mater how the subject interacts with the application. GazeTracker records everything your test subjects do on the computer, allowing you to factor gaze, pupil, mouse, and keyboard data into your analysis with ease.


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