GazeTracker – Video Analysis

Do your videos catch someone’s eye? With GazeTracker™’s Video Analysis tool, you will know how people react to your video content like never before. GazeTracker seamlessly synchronizes your video (including HD video) with the user’s gaze information.

At Eyetellect™, we realize that time is your most valuable resource, and we continue to be a key innovator in ways to speed up the experiment and analysis process. One of the most valuable but time consuming parts of analyzing any video or other dynamic content is setting up accurate LookZones that move with the content the participant is viewing. To help speed up this process Eyetellect invented a novel technology called Moving LookZones. This unique feature allows you to makes your regions of interest follow the parts of the video you are interested in studying, ensuring you receive accurate metrics describing your test subjects’ response, behavior and preferences. It’s a powerful window into your products’ branding, positioning, functionality and performance.


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