GazeTracker – Visualizations

When it comes to your analysis, the two most important things are getting it fast and getting it right. GazeTracker™’s state-of-the-art analysis and visualization tools help you do both, allowing you to quickly study your data in any analysis mode. All of GazeTracker’s visualizations can be exported as image or video files, making it easy to add them to your reports.

  • Heatmap and spotlight with peek: allow you to quickly see what parts of your stimulus attract your test subjects’ attention.
  • Gazetrail: provides a customized visual representation of all collected data with gaze, fixation, mouse and LookZone data overlaid on a stimulus.
  • 3d contour: shows a topographical map of the eye-tracking data, creating mountains and valleys directly on the stimulus based on where subjects looked.
  • 3d bar: raises bars directly on the stimulus where LookZones are located with the height of the bar representing the total time the LookZone was observed.
  • Timeline: shows how test subjects react to a stimulus, through pupil dilation and LookZone order metrics, in one easy to understand graph.
  • Playback: displays all captured gaze, mouse and keyboard data with a red “X” showing exactly where the subject was looking.


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