GazeTracker – Web Analysis

Is your website doing its job? GazeTracker™ delivers the data you need to make informed web page design decisions. Scrolling makes your page data a literal moving target, and our industry leading scroll compensation tool ensures that you thoroughly and effortlessly capture every bit of it, allowing for seamless synchronization with your test subject’s gaze and mouse data.

LookZones, also called Areas of Interest, are an essential tool in today’s research, and GazeTracker’s Automatic LookZone Creation makes adding LookZones to your pages fast, easy and error free.  GazeTracker can do this because it parses the HTML and learns the layout of each website a participant visits during a recording session, automatically creating LookZones on images, hyperlinks and any other HTML elements that you choose.

As you evaluate your design, GazeTracker continually collects and stores data for each page visited by the test subject, providing you with a comprehensive and accurate array of information to make the most informed design decisions.


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