GazeTracker™ provides a direct way to measure and visualize your customer’s subconscious response to your marketing material.  Eye movements have been proven to be a good indicator of visual attention and cognitive processing.   Because of this connection to the unconscious mind, eye tracking data can often lead to insights that the participant is not even conscious of and would not be able to effectively verbalize.  Combining the quantitative or hard data you get from GazeTracker with the qualitative data from your questionnaires and moderated discussion gives you the complete picture.  Because of these advantages, eye tracking should be a part of all of your marketing research, and over the last 15 years GazeTracker has developed the right mix of ease of use and powerful outputs to make it the best software to run those studies.

Does your print ad draw your customer’s eye?

GazeTracker provides all of the tools you need to make sure your print advertising is as effective as possible before it goes to print.  GazeTracker allows you to select any number of images, in virtually any format, to present in your experiment.  Use GazeTracker’s Experiment Wizard to specify how to present your images, including image sequencing, duration and transition method.  Use GazeTracker’s LookZone technology to quickly determine which areas of your advertisement draw someone’s attention and which areas they ignore.  This information is recorded by GazeTracker along with where the person focused or fixated and pupil diameter for you to analyze at any time.

Is your commercial engaging enough?

GazeTracker has the tools to help you gauge the effectiveness of your commercials, allowing you to avoid the expensive mistake of a bad ad.  Take advantage of GazeTracker’s moving LookZones to have GazeTracker automatically give you reliant statistics about objects of interest in you commercial.  Save even more time by using GazeTracker’s ability to easily aggregate all of the pertinent information across multiple sessions.

Can potential customers find your product on the shelf?

Your products are fighting for attention with everything else on the shelf and in the store.  Let GazeTracker help you design a box that stands out from the competition.  Using GazeTracker’s innovative SceneSync technology along with a head mounted eye tracker you can give your participants the freedom to handle a real package or approach a real product display without losing any data.  Use LookZones to collect key statistics about how long it took someone to notice your slogan on the box or box on the shelf and output the results as an easy to understand visualization with the hard data to back it up.

Does your website deliver the message you intend?

Your website has become one of your most important marketing tools.   GazeTracker takes the guess work out of good website design.  GazeTracker has been specially designed to make it easy to both set up your study as well as to provide actionable results in an easy to understand form. Using its industry leading scroll compensation, GazeTracker will record each entire page the subject visits and has the unique ability to automatically add LookZones around images, links or any other website element.  This feature drastically reduces the time and cost associated with getting the results you need from your study.


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