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Eye-tracking systems quickly generate mountains of data with even lower-priced systems reporting thousands of data points a minute.  How do you make sense of it all?

At Eyetellect, we recognize that having great hardware is only half the battle. To truly get the most out of your eye-tracking system, you also need great analysis software that delivers the timely, cost efficient results that you and your customers demand.

Eyetellect personnel have been key innovators in the fields of pupilllometry and eye-tracking analysis for over 15 years.  Throughout that time, we’ve helped a wide range of companies and research labs by developing customized solutions that answer the unique questions they have about their data. We can do the same for you by providing:

  • Customized Analytical Metrics: Do you have key performance indicators specific to your study? We can integrate the metrics you request directly into GazeTracker.
  • Additional Reports and Visualizations: Do you have particular ways you want your results reported? We can create these for you so you can easily output them from GazeTracker with just the push of a button.
  • Advanced Hardware Integration: Do you have other equipment you want synchronized with GazeTracker? We can help you ensure that the timing between all the devices that you have working with GazeTracker matches.
  • Product Integration: Do you have unique features of your product that you want studied? Contact us and we can facilitate tighter integration between your product and GazeTracker.
  • Private Labeling: Want GazeTracker, or pieces of it, built into your product? We can help you rebrand GazeTracker so it better fits into your product line.

Whether you want to bring your product to market faster, more easily conduct your unique studies, or save time by automatically delivering that exact report your client needs, save time and resources by partnering with Eyetellect. We’re happy to brainstorm ideas and ways in which you can leverage our expertise to assist you.

Why reinvent the wheel? Contact us.


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