Eyetracking is one of the best ways to test the usability of your application or website, and GazeTracker™ gives you the tools you need to easily distill the mountains of data into actionable items.

Improving the usability of the Web

Is your website doing its job?  Did you know that more than 83% of Internet users are likely to leave a web site if it takes too many clicks to find what they’re looking for, and 58% of visitors experiencing usability problems on a web site don’t return?

GazeTracker will give you the data you need to make sure you are maximizing your website’s potential.  Don’t drive customers away with a frustrating web experience.

Don’t let your analysis software box you in.  Many other software packages force you to display the website or application inside their analysis software.  We believe that the only way to get real world data is if the participant is interacting with your website in a regular browser – not through a serialized view that other software requires.   Scrolling makes your webpage a literal moving target, our industry leading scroll compensation tool ensures that you thoroughly and effortlessly capture every bit of it, allowing for seamless synchronization with your test subjects’ gaze and mouse data.

GazeTracker will also parse the HTML of each and every website you visit and automatically create LookZones, also called regions of interest, on images, hyperlinks or any other HTML element you choose.   This feature alone can guarantee consistency while saving you the hundreds of hours it can take to manually add LookZones in other software.  GazeTracker can not only provide you with a video of the entire recording, but it also collects and sorts data for each page visited by test participants, providing you with a comprehensive and accurate array of information to make the most informed design decisions.

How user-friendly, intuitive and efficient is your software?

Usability research can afford significant productivity gains.  According to a study by Jacob Neilsons, a company with poor intranet usability would save $3 million per year if it simply improved its intranet usability to an average level.

GazeTracker’s Application Analysis feature collects all the data you need to gauge the performance of your Windows® applications.  It records both a video of the entire experience as well as each and every application the participant interacts with during a session.  LookZones allow you to quickly get relevant information such as how long it took for someone to look at something and how long they looked at it before moving on.   GazeTracker lets you draw LookZones directly on your software and makes sure they stay where you intended.  If the participant moves or resizes a window during a recording session, GazeTracker will move and resize the LookZone accordingly to make sure your statistics are accurate no matter what the subject does.  Use GazeTracker’s conditional LookZones to hide and show LookZones depending on what is currently on the screen.  You won’t miss a thing because GazeTracker will include not only gaze position but also pupil size, mouse and keyboard data, giving you the complete picture of how people interact with your software.

GazeTracker does not limit you to the computer

GazeTracker’s SceneSync is a unique feature that allows you to synchronize your collected data with outside video feeds.   GazeTracker handles everything including creating the video file and ensuring that the timing of this file matches the time stamps of GazeTracker’s other collected data, allowing easy analysis with head mounted eye trackers, simulators and televisions.


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